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    Following on from her well received debut single “Breathless” released at the end of 2019, Alanna Vullo released “We Fall” on 16th October 2020.

    A resident of Canberra, 17 year old Alanna’s voice has been described as beyond beautiful, and assured well beyond her years. Alanna says “I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t listen to music or write down my thoughts. I don’t know that I could even go to sleep without music”.

    Her style is authentic and developing and it’s not surprising that she claims she’s no longer the same person who wrote “Breathless’ as a 15 year old. “I feel that the process of making music, as well as being lucky enough to have a producer I admire as a mentor, has given me the confidence to discover who I want to be and how I want my music to evolve".

    ”We Fall” is Alanna’s second collaboration with ARIA winning producer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, CLEWS, Johnny Hunter), and was co-written with Adrian and Justine Eltakchi (whose writing credits include “Proud” for Casey Donovan, and “Green Light” with Jasmine Rae).

    A blend of laid back R&B, synthwave and alt pop influences.

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    Alanna Vullo is a 17 year old singer-songwriter, releasing her new single "We Fall" on 16/10/20.


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